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Language of Flavor

The market place is changing faster than ever, and in order to keep up sometimes it’s best to slow down and remember why and how we do the work we call ours.


The Language of Flavor explores our relationship to food, and guides the participant into a new, exciting, and intimate world of flavor and pleasure.  Designed to be engaging, participatory, and inspiring, The Language of Flavor seminar offers an authentic new experience of food and all its components that will truly change the way seminar participants eat, view, sell and understand food forever.

Next Level Local

66% of all consumers buy their local products in a grocery store!

The Local Food Movement has been gaining momentum for years and is now topping the charts of food trends across the US. 


Now is your opportunity to shine and differentiate yourself from the crowd by promoting what co-ops do best!

Come spend some time with Mark Mulcahy of Organic Options. Learn how to build the best local program possible by reinvigorating your systems, cultivating relationships, and building your local network to grab a larger slice of this multi-billion dollar pie. 


Tap into Mark’s experience of having helped create over 150 successful local programs and led over 100 local grower meetings across the country during the past 23 years  of working with Coops, growers and producers. He will share his approach with examples of contracts, agreements, pricing, and purchasing - as well as signage, promotion, and vendor meetings strategies - to provide you with the tools you need to take your program to the next level.

Roots & Relationships

Roots and Relationships is an interactive, hands-on, fact-filled, and fun workshop that leaves you excited for days afterward! We’ll explore history, nutrition, storage/prep facts, cooking tips, and a few fun surprises in this flavorful tasting experience. This workshop will give everyone a fresh perspective on the versatile, diverse and delicious world of produce while creating greater teamwork opportunities, increased customer service experiences, and the growth of overall store sales.

Customers Crave

Differentiating yourself from the crowd isn’t easy in this changing market. Where once you were the only one offering organic or local/farmer-direct products, you may now be challenged to compete, often relying on margin loss to draw in customers. While this is one approach, there are other options! People are looking for connection and experience, everyone wants to belong to something—you can create an experience in your store that draws people in and brings them back again and again. Join us for an engaging conversation about how to make this happen!


This interactive seminar will focus on the evolving retail marketplace and how stores can grow sales, engage customers, and boost morale by working as a team committed to the goal of becoming the best department and store possible.

Custom Produce Altars

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